Presence Welcomes You

Presence, 30x24 Acrylic on Canvas ©Barbara Ferrier 2014

Breaking into the lead, Presence moved like a perfectly tuned machine. Her intuition, confidence and skill flowed effortlessly. Her competitors appeared to move in slow motion as light beams picked them off one by one. Seamlessly she avoided the moving beams of light at top speed and slid undetected through teal, red and yellow passageways. She could become the first champion of the Ball Return in one thousand years. Presence glimpsed the ancient door. The final challenge. Decipher the code and open the portal. She knew exactly what to do.

A terrifying realization sent shivers down Presence spine and nearly broke her concentration. If she opened that door, the Liberation her people dreamed of would be lost forever. The keepers of the stories - the wisdom of the ancestors - Their sacred knowledge was in that tomb. The leaders wanted treasure. They were not interested in the stories or wisdom. Were they careless or did they want it lost? Presence seamlessly moved in another direction.

She'd never allow the wisdom of the ancestors to vanish. She committed to finding and training a team of trustworthy allies. Presence took herself out far from that ancient door. When she said she wanted a break from competition, her father could not understand. She was their only hope. "When I'm ready," she promised.

Presence ran a bed and breakfast in the Wenderfaren Valley and provided welcome and ease for travelers arriving in Kalendra. That was the perfect place to find travelers and get to know many communities. She kept her intuition and athletic skills ready, training under the dark of night.

Presence training to work her mental game made the difference. She was certain. She would teach that mental game to her team once she found them.

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