Feed Your Creative Journey

How do we structure an optimal space to create?  Is it a personal choice to design and create at will or must certain conditions be present?  Are there ways to bring people face to face with their creative flow? How much do we creatives have in common anyway when it comes to accessing our creativity and the space we need to create? 

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What it Feels like to be an Artist

When I paint I feel like anything is possible. Sometimes I focus on the smallest things, but there is an air of possibility in my mind. I love to be surprised. And while a lot of the process involves planning and following procedure, I love knowing I will surprise myself. Ultimately the process itself isn't cut and dry.....

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Let your Creativity Soar

As someone who has felt blocked by elementary school teachers holding up the other kids drawings - the ones who had parents or grandparents who taught them to draw - and later had my work slashed and destroyed by art school teachers and fellow art school students - I know a thing or two about what it feels like to fear the creative space. 

It didn't stop me - although it slowed me down a lot - much to the chagrin of relatives. 

I learned how to help my own creativity soar and flow!  And this is how I did it!! Want the secrets? Read on....