"When I discovered that compassion for others is the key to self-compassion, I knew I would be able to heal."

Nikol’s experienced a year of loss when her marriage ended in a painful divorce, a dear friend died of a heart attack in a heavy traffic jam and she was broadsided in a car accident. She was fortunate to have friends and family to reach out to because she increasingly realized how important it was to avoid isolating her pain by creating a bubble around herself. In her struggle to put her life back together, Nikol discovered meditation. The divorce had torn her plans for a family apart while the meditation brought her in touch with herself, her art and her calling. Nikol’s profession as a dancer, actor, singer, and choreographer changed forever. In her early career, Broadway auditions were emotionally wrenching; surrounded by competition, hoping to be seen, feeling opportunities to succeed were scarce. Nikol’s move into meditation and yoga changed everything. As she rode the subway in NYC, she saw a man sitting across from her who was in so much pain.  She had compassion for him as someone who was also suffering. Nikol recognize at that moment how healing it was feel compassion for herself, as opposed to blaming herself for her circumstances. It helped her to more fully integrate the philosophy of non-separation, the integration of body and mind that comes from a focus on the breath. She recognized this included the connection between people. She could experience her journey in a new, healthy way. The positive qualities that came with that healing were numerous. Her new outlook helped her own her performances and trust that the right opportunities would come. Nikol’s performing and directing grew immensely because of her awareness. She began to trust in the powerful connection between the audience and performer and the true nature of resonance. She also realized that the power of authentically owning ones performance with an open heart meant an artist could create work that was of tremendous service to their audience. It also draws the audience closer as it feeds their needs, making that connection so powerful. So grateful for the changes that coaching, meditation and these new insights opened for her, Nikol is now coaching others to become wealthy artists. Learn more at: www.ZenRedNYC.com